Vintage performance of Vivaldi's concerto for four violins

Antonio Vivaldi wrote many concerts for violin, and only a few for four violin soloists. 

Concerto for four violins was published in his early career and it has three movements (Allegro/Largo-Larghetto/Allegro), with external movements in the form of riternello, that is, unfolds as a series of alternating orchestral and solo episodes. This work is very original and experimental, among other things because its new instrumentation is four solo-violins, solo-cello, strings and continuo.

Johann Sebastian Bach was so impressed with this work that he arranged it as a concert for four solo harpsichords.
I offer you this concert performed by the great virtuosos of the last century.
David Oistrakh and Leonid Kogan with their sons playing Vivaldi's concerto for 4 violins. 
Filmed in 1966.

Art by ~azurecorsair on deviantART

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