Amitābha—also known as Amitāyus—is the primary Buddha of Pure Land Buddhism. He is revered for his immeasurable life and immeasurable light. Amitābha is believed to have accumulated infinite merit through countless past lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmākara. According to the Larger Sūtra of Immeasurable Life, Dharmākara renounced his throne and resolved to create a Pure Land where beings could be reborn. In this Pure Land, those who sincerely call upon Amitābha's name will be guaranteed rebirth. Amitābha's openness and acceptance have made Pure Land Buddhism influential in Mahāyāna Buddhism. His name is invoked through mantras and visualizations to attain rebirth in his Pure Land. Amitābha is also venerated in Vajrayāna Buddhism, where he is associated with longevity and deep awareness.

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