Dazed and Confused: evolution through Led Zeppelin live shows

LZ streetart
LZ streetart

Dazed and Confused is the folk-song written by Jake Holmes in 1967. 

The song was recorded for his debut album and performed on the New York City folk scene and the college coffeehouse circuit.

The arrangement is built on a memorable descending chromatic bass motion:

After hearing Holmes perform, English rock band The Yardbirds remaked it with a new cruel arrangement. Holmes' brooding atmosphere and quaint bass line were retained, as well as most of the lyrics. 

Jimmy Page doubled the bass riff, echoing Holmes' live performances with two acoustic guitarists. However, pushed by drums and an overdriven Fender Telecaster, the song quickly took on a hard, clearly non-traditional sound. 

Although the version featured on the Led Zeppelin first album is already quite pressed, in concert the guitarist turned Dazed And Confused into the unique musical expression:

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