De Música Ligera: the inspiration and meaning of Soda Stereo's hit

SODA STEREO 1997 PROMO CD Gustavo Cerati INTERVIEW De Musica Ligera
SODA STEREO 1997 PROMO CD Gustavo Cerati INTERVIEW De Musica Ligera
De Música Ligera is one of the best-known songs by the Argentine rock trio Soda Stereo. It was released in 1990 as part of their fifth studio album titled Canción Animal. The album achieved great success becoming one of the band's most iconic and commercially successful releases. De Música Ligera topped the charts in several Latin American countries and solidified Soda Stereo's position as one of the leading rock bands in the Spanish-speaking world.
The lyrics of De Música Ligera are remarkably concise and open to multiple interpretations while the song's title can be translated into English as Light Music or From Subtle MusicGustavo Cerati—the lead singer and lyricist of the band—revealed that the song drew influence from his parents' collection of albums known as clásicos ligeros (light classics), encompassing a diverse range of music including movie soundtracks and classical compositions.
In their last concert performance before disbanding, Soda Stereo performed De Música Ligera as a triumphant finale. The iconic performance took place on September 20, 1997, at the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Watch Soda Stereo's De Musica Ligera (El Último Concierto):
Compositionally, De Música Ligera follows the Western tonal theory and features chord progressions representing the Ionian mode. In the harmonic analysis of the songs' chord chains, the scale degrees (denoted with Roman numerals) show the looping three-chord progressions in the key of D major: Bm–G–D–A or vi–IV–I–V.
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