Dede Efendi: the father of the famous Ottoman waltz

İsmail Dede Efendi (1778–1846) is one of the greatest Turkish classical composers.
He has created masterpieces in all forms and modes of Turkish music, though his legacy is limited to only around 200 of his compositions that were able to survive to this day. Efendi was a favorite among sultans of every period, including Selim III, Mahmud II, and Abdülmecid I, all of whom enjoyed the privilege of having compositions written for their honor.
Efendi also wrote poems in Turkish and Persian, preferring syllabic meter which harmoniously emphasized his musical knowledge. 
His internationally renowned song Yine Bir Gülnihal was essentially a waltz, a rather unusual publication for the region during that period. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy renditions of the song was done by Zeki Müren, a prominent Turkish singer, actor, and composer of the 20th century.
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