Somos Novios: exploring the meaning of Manzanero's famous bolero

Somos Novios LP cover
Somos Novios LP cover
In 1968, Mexican songwriter Armando Manzanero released the enchanting love song Somos Novios. Two years later, American singer Perry Como recorded an English version titled It's Impossible which swiftly climbed the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.
The lyrics of Somos Novios meaningfully express the universal language of love celebrating the profound emotions and shared experiences within a romantic relationship. The title itself—translating to We're a couple—emphasizes the strong bond between the two lovers. Through metaphorical language and vivid imagery, the song's lyrics paint evocative pictures that intensify the emotional impact on listeners. For example, the line "Recordar de qué color son los cerezos" ("Remember the color of cherry blossoms") evokes nostalgia and the delicate beauty of treasured memories.
In 2006, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and American pop star Christina Aguilera joined forces for a remarkable rendition of Somos Novios. This collaboration infused the song with a fresh and captivating energy, seamlessly blending pop, classical, and R&B elements. Their duet resonated with audiences across different musical genres emphasizing the enduring appeal of the song.
Listen to Somos Novios performed by Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera:
Curiously, Somos Novios has emerged as one of the most beloved boleros, a traditional Spanish folk dance that originated in the late 18th century and known for its distinct 3/4 time signature and rhythmic castanet beats. This dance form influenced Cuban Bolero—a lyrical vocal genre that emerged in the late 19th century blending Spanish melodies with Afro-Cuban syncopated rhythms in a moderate 2/4 time signature.
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