What kind of music did Louis XIV like?

Jean Nocret 'Louis and his family portrayed as Roman gods'

Robert de Visée’s music is some of the best examples of French Baroque guitar music we have today.

Visée's place and date of birth are unknown. He was a lutenist, guitarist, viol player, singer, and composer. The first mention of Visée is from 1680, that he became a chamber musician to Louis XIV, in which capacity he often performed at court.

His publications contain a number of suites, each a collection of dances, to be played by the musician in an appropriate sequence. 

Contemporary performance of de Visée’s music on the classical guitar contains a sort of adjustments sounding different from ‘authentic’ passages on the Baroque five-course guitar.

Here the old recording of Visée's suite in the performance by Andrés Segovia - the virtuoso spanish classical guitarist of the last century.

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