Desh Raag as universal music scale

photo by 4i @ flickr
photo by 4i @ flickr
Desh Raag is a beautiful and melodious indian classical piece, also called Monsoon Raga, which is often played at night.
Desh raga belongs to the Khamaj thaat—Hindustani classical music scale—which is equivalent to one of the standard major modes in Western classical: the Mixolydian scale. This scale is common for many genres, such as jazz, funk, blues, and rock music. It is also used in Western classical works to highlight the folk music influences.
The Hindustani rags of this mode are considered to be light and flirtatious. There is a theory that the Khamaj scale might have its roots in the qin music of the late medieval China.
Here is the Desh Raga performed by Anoushka Shankar, the undeniable star of the Indian classical music today:
Anoushka Shankar began her musical studies at 9 years of age under her father Ravi Shankar, and made her debut as a classical sitarist at 13. Through her collaborative approach to composing, Anoushka has created vastly diverse works that feature famous artists including Sting, Herbie Hancock, Joshua Bell, and many others.
Here is Sting's Book of My Life feat. Anoushka Shankar:
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  • VenkataramaSarma Kummamuru 6 years ago

    The edict seems to be a list of names of some ancient chieftain and his relatives written in Kannada language.

  • VenkataramaSarma Kummamuru 6 years ago

    The revered Indian Anthem 'vande mataram' is set in Desh raaga